Welcome to BeamFi Protocol Developer Documentation!

BeamFi is a decentralized DeFi protocol for micro payments running on Dfinity (opens in a new tab)'s Internet Computer (opens in a new tab) blockchain. It allows users to send or receive a constant stream of micro payments.

It makes real-time money streaming possible by using the native features of Internet Computer blockchain:

Apps running on BeamFi Protocol

The best way to experience BeamFi is to try the apps running on BeamFi Protocol.

Quick Start

To learn how to setup local dev env and run tests, please follow the Quick Start guide.

History of BeamFi

BeamFi has been in development since 2022. It was originally called Beam and was built as part of Content Fly Escrow Payment. To learn more about the history, ideas and vision of BeamFi, please read What is BeamFi?.


The full developer docs about BeamFi including architecture, smart contracts, web frontend integration and deployment to Internet Computer mainnet can be found in the Docs section.

Smart Contract API

If you are looking for a quick reference of smart contract API, please check out the Smart Contract API section.