What is BeamFi?

The Vision of BeamFi

Becoming Open Internet Service

The next milestone for BeamFi is to become a true Open Internet Service that is open to all developers and users run by DAO Governance. It would involve fundraising through crowdfunding and/or token sales. The fund will be used to develop the BeamFi protocol and ecosystem. The token sales will be used to distribute the ownership of BeamFi to the community. The community will be able to participate in the governance of BeamFi through DAO governance.

DAO Governance

The DAO will also have the power to resolve conflicts raised by the community. For example, if a user is not happy with the service provided by a creator, the user can raise a dispute with the DAO. The DAO will then resolve the dispute by voting and resolute on the payment distribution.

The DAO will also have the power to vote for the future direction of BeamFi.


BeamFi will be an open ecosystem that is open to all developers and users. Developers/Vendors/Service Providers can build their streaming service on top of BeamFi. Users can use BeamFi to stream to any streaming service that is built on top of BeamFi.

Imagine a world where payment is streamed in return for long-duration services, with Beams flowing between individuals and groups, each with new incentives & possibilities.

There are 3 roles in the BeamFi ecosystem:

  1. Workers / Creators
  2. Employers / Buyers
  3. Vendors / Developers / Service Providers

A user can be in multiple roles at the same time. For example, a user can be a worker receiving income and a buyer for a video streaming service at the same time.

BeamFi Ecosystem

App Marketplace

Once an ecosystem is formed, App Marketplace would naturally be formed to provide services to the ecosystem. It is the central place for users to discover new apps and services that are integrated into BeamFi Ecosystem. It is also a place for developers to promote their apps and services. It also provides access to real-time, increased amounts, and new forms of income as streaming payment would increase the capital efficiency of value transfer through the system, creating more value for the users who participated in the system. It also fosters new innovation providing endless opportunities for service providers.

BeamFi Vendors

A whole new type of app can be developed, with a two-way stream transaction, where one party receives streamed payment and the other receives a streamed service. Paying for live or on-demand video streaming, only while watching, is one of the most obvious examples. Services such as insurance, storage, renting, physical labor, and subscriptions have an enormous potential for disruption through integrating streaming payment & service.

Higher Economic Output

In a system containing a network of streams between parties, the velocity of money is increased which enables a higher economic output and GDP without the need for adding debt to make up the gap between outgoing and incoming payments.

Powering Attention Economy

BeamFi's duration-based micropayment solution makes it perfect for powering Attention Economy. For example, it can automate micropayments for bloggers based on the duration of the blog being viewed. It can also automate the micropayments for video/music streaming services from viewers based on the duration of the video/audio being played.

For advertising, users can get paid for watching ads while browsing the web, allowing direct interactions between brands and consumers. Consumers can choose to share their data in BeamFi with brands to provide better service and get rewards in return. As a result, it gives the power back to the consumers.

BeamFi Smart Wallet

Imagine a smart wallet that can act on your behalf based on the decision you have made, to help you earn more income from your idle money, manage your continuous stream of income and expenses, and help you to manage your financial health. It could be all made possible with BeamFi Smart Wallet running entirely on smart contracts, unlike traditional Wallet Chrome extension or simple frontend web app. Smart Wallet is tied to your identity and can be used across all BeamFi services.

It can be integrated with both income-generating and spending/investing services. Users can earn and spend in real-time in Autonomous Streams, with no waiting period for settlement.

In the future Token Economy when users can spend the tokens earned without fiat off-ramps. It removes the need for regular fiat on-ramp and off-ramps processes. BeamFi can truly supercharge the Token Economy and decentralized apps when they are plugged into the BeamFi ecosystem.

Token Economy

Imagine you are being paid each second for the work you are performing, but instead of the funds sitting idle in your wallet until you send them somewhere else, they continue flowing. It automatically pays off loans, and invests in diversified portfolios or various savings accounts, in real-time, every second!

BeamFi Future Value NFT Token

By leveraging the concept of Composable DeFi, Beam can further be tokenized using NFT with intrinsic value that is backed by the future value of the Beam when it has completed streaming. The NFT can be traded in the secondary market to facilitate the transfer of Beam ownership while streaming is still happening. It can also be used as collateral for DeFi lending and borrowing. The value of NFT will keep increasing over time as the Beam is being streamed. NFT can be made tradable in the marketplace so that seller can trade their Future Value to buyers who might be interested in buying the Beam with a discount.

Future Vaule NFT


Tokens in BeamFi Vault can leverage other DeFi protocols to earn passive income during the streaming or in idle. For example, BeamFi Vault can provide liquidity to DeFi AMM to earn interest. The interest could be distributed to both sender and recipient.