Getting Started
ICP Ledger

Deploy ICP Ledger to local IC replicas

BeamFi has support for both ICP and XTC tokens. This Getting Started guide demonstrates how to use BeamFi with ICP tokens.

Setup Local Canister

This is a special step to lock the local ICP ledger canister ID to ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai for working with Plug Wallet (opens in a new tab) Local network window.ic.plug.requestTransfer() method.

That piece of code is hardcoded to use canister ID ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai regardless of mainnet or local IC.

In order to get Create Beam working with Plug, a pre-configured canister_ids_local.json is used instead of letting IC local replica to assign one.

Copy it to .dfx/local which is where local IC replicas will store their states and configs.

> mkdir .dfx/local
> cp canisters_ids_local.json .dfx/local/canister_ids.json

In the next step when the ICP ledger is deployed to IC local replicas, it will use the ID stored in canister_ids.json instead of assigning a new one.

Install Local ICP Ledger

ICP Ledger is a canister configured in dfx.json as a custom type. It will be installed using the WASM file provided by Dfintiy. A sample of WASM can be found at local/ledger/ledger.wasm.

The detailed guide is here: (opens in a new tab)

Assuming you have followed Local Environment guide and started a local dfx IC replica.

  • Update dfx.json ledger config to use private candid for deploying ledger

Open dfx.json
Locate ledger -> candid
Update the value from:



  • Deploy ledger
> dfx identity new minter
> dfx identity use minter
> export MINT_ACC=$(dfx ledger account-id)
> dfx identity use default
> export LEDGER_ACC=$(dfx ledger account-id)
> dfx deploy ledger --argument '(record {minting_account = "'${MINT_ACC}'"; initial_values = vec { record { "'${LEDGER_ACC}'"; record { e8s=100_000_000_000 } }; }; send_whitelist = vec {}})'

If there is any error when deploying, check the dfx cmd again to make sure the single quote and double quote are correct.

  • Update dfx.json ledger config to use public candid for building with other canisters in the next guide.

Open dfx.json
Locate ledger -> candid
Update the value back to: