Monitoring and Metrics
Token Solvency

Token Solvency Monitor Agent

BeamFi takes token solvency seriously. It has a special canister MonitorAgent (opens in a new tab) to monitor the health of BeamEscrow canisters by checking the supported tokens (ICP and XTC) solvency regularly.

It exposes HTTPS endpoints /icp and /xtc for HTTPS monitor service to call periodically.

It returns passed with HTTP Status 200 when the token solvency is good. Otherwise, it returns HTTP Status 500.

What is solvency?

In BeamFi, solvency means the amount of the token e.g ICP owned by BeamEscrow canister as reported by ICP Ledger is greater than or equal to the amount of total amount of ICP tokens calculated by adding all Beam Escrow Contracts for ICP.

Verify All Contracts ICP <= Actual ICP tokens owned by BeamEscrow canister


Given BeamEscrow canister ID g7a3p-4qaaa-aaaah-abvnq-cai:



Update $CLIENT_KEY to the string you configured during deployment.

For BeamFi main Vault, we use UptimeRobot to monitor the token solvency continuously.