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BeamFi App - Web Frontend Integration

To make testing BeamFi Protocol easier, we have developed a web frontend BeamFi App (opens in a new tab) to interact with the BeamFi Protocol. This section describes how to integrate the BeamFi App with your local BeamFi Protocol canisters.

Setup Development Environment

git clone
nvm use

Update local BeamFi canisters IDs

  • switch to BeamFi Protocol Git repo folder in your local machine
  • copy .dfx/local/canisters_id.json to your BeamFi App Git repo .dfx/local/canisters_id.json so that the BeamFi App can find your local BeamFi Protocol canisters IDs when building
cp .dfx/local/canisters_id.json $YOUR_LOCAL_BEAMFI_APP_GIT_REPO_FOLDER/.dfx/local/canisters_id.json


  • switch to BeamFi App Git repo, copy .env.iclocal to .env.development so that the BeamFi App can connect to your local BeamFi Protocol canisters
> cp .env.iclocal .env.development

Build & Run

npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) in Chrome. It should show the BeamFi App home page like that in production (opens in a new tab).

If it works, well done! 🎉

Setup Plug Wallet

To Create Beam in BeamFi App, it requires Plug Wallet configured to Local IC network and ICP ledger.

Install Plug Wallet

Install Plug Wallet Chrome extension (opens in a new tab) version or higher if you haven't.

To configure Plug Wallet to use Local ICP Ledger:

> dfx canister id ledger
  • Click on the network switch button "Mainnet" on top, click "Add" to add a local network.

Network Name: Local
Host URL: http://localhost:8000
Ledger Canister Id: {Put the ledger canister id from above}

Add Network

  • Switch to "Local". It should show 0.000 ICP if it works.

Local Ledger

More details here: (opens in a new tab)

Create 2 Accounts

When you install Plug Wallet, one account is created. To test Beam, we need 2 separated accounts.

  • Create another account here:

Create Account

Transfer ICP from default identity account to your Plug Wallet

To create Beam, you will need some ICP tokens. When deploying a local ICP ledger above, 100 ICP is minted to the default identity account.

  • Switch to default identity
dfx identity use default
  • Get your ledger canister ID
dfx canister id ledger
  • Get your Plug Wallet Account ID Open Plug Wallet -> Click Deposit.

Copy Account ID there.


Note: If you wonder what is the difference between Principal ID and Account ID, read this: (opens in a new tab)

  • Transfer 10 ICP from your default identity account to your Plug Wallet Account ID 1
> dfx ledger transfer --ledger-canister-id {local ledger canister id} --icp 10 {Plug Wallet Account Id} --memo 1

Create Beam from BeamFi App

Now, you should have everything you need to create Beam from Beam frontend app.

  • open http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) in Chrome
  • Click "Create Beam" and follow the instruction to deposit ICP and create beam to another Plug Wallet principal ID
  • After the Beam is created sucessfully, go to My Beams:

If you see the following and the Beam rate is updating continuously. Congratulations! 🎉

My Beams

You have achieved an incredible job!