Getting Started
Build & Deploy

Build & Deploy BeamFi to local IC replicas

We will now build and deploy BeamFi Motoko smart contracts to canisters: beam, beamout, beamescrow, monitoringagent You can find the configs in dfx.json.


> dfx deploy

This cmd will compile and deploy all canisters to the local IC. It will take a while to complete.
Once it is built, you can find the canister IDs in .dfx/local/canister_ids.json .


Be aware that the root folder canister_ids.json stores the canister IDs deployed to IC mainnet.


Note that deploy does both build (~compile) and deploy to IC canisters. In the future, while you are doing development, you can build one canister using dfx build.

e.g compiling only beamout, run:

> dfx build beamout