What is BeamFi?

History of BeamFi

The original idea of BeamFi (previously called Beam) came from the development of Content Fly (a decentralized job marketplace for creators) escrow payment smart contracts. Both co-founders - Sam and Henry were brainstorming a new innovative payment solution that would allow creators or job freelancers to receive a continuous stream of payment in a trustless way without waiting for the job completion that could be weeks or months away.

Beam in Content Fly

Birth of BeamFi

A POC (Proof of Concept) was therefore developed for Supernova Hackathon in July 2022. It was integrated into Content Fly as a payment solution for creators. The POC was a success and has become one of the top 7 finalists in the Supernova Hackathon DeFi category. The team decided to further develop Beam as a standalone product which is now called BeamFi. It has the ambition of being a protocol, smart wallet, ecosystem and App marketplace.

Demo - Beam Payment Protocol in Content Fly